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Fellside FECD210

The Queensbury Rules, a young trio with a background steeped in the Stoke on Trent area, have just produced their second release for Fellside.  After three on their own label, The Black Dog and Other Stories received much critical acclaim, quite rightly in my opinion.  Landlocked should build on this. It’s a mixture of songs based on local history, a couple of traditional tracks, memories of childhood as well as contemporary themes.
Most of the material has been written by the band and are all strong stories. However, the tunes are crafted in such a way as to enable the listener to join in the choruses-and some of the verses as well.  Fine instrumentalists all, it is the quality of the vocals and harmonies, which stand out.  There is quality to their songwriting - you only have to hear the opening track I still believe in England and the title track to realise that.
They are being compared to the likes of Lindisfarne, Strawbs etc. but I reckon there is a feel of the Oysters acoustic work in fact some of the material would fit into an Oyster set.  But there is more to the Queensbury Rules than that, being a fine band in their own right.  The production and packaging is fantastic - but you wouldn’t expect anything else from those nice people at Fellside.
The Queensbury Rules are touring extensively to promote Landlocked, check their website for details, so the CD should do well - deservedly so.
Dave Beeby

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