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THE HUT PEOPLE - Cabinet Of Curiosities

THE HUT PEOPLE - Cabinet Of Curiosities
Fellside Recordings FECD264

Ladies and Gentlemen roll up! Roll Up! See what our magical cabinet of curiosities holds today. Step this way. It’s different every time it is opened. Roll up! Roll up!”

Given the title by a barman, the stage must resemble just that, the contents of a cabinet of curiosities, as Gary Hammond sets out an array of assorted items consisting of anything that can be hit, banged, shaken or tapped. There are triangles, snare drum, zabumba, ghatam, slaptop cajon, silvershaker, headed spark shaker, water bottletops, tambourine and waterphone - and those are only the ones used on the opening two tracks of Cabinet Of Curiosities.

SamPirt - of 422 - contributes a couple of things you can squeeze. That is all this virtuoso of the accordion needs though, as he brings out of his own cabinet the sounds of the flute, bagpipes, a complete pipe band, fairground organ, wind (or was it the sound of the underground?) and of course the accordion! Gary Hammond is a master percussionist who has toured regularly with The Beautiful South. Using his “museum items” he provides a multitude of sounds - too many to list here - all of which fit perfectly to the style of the track.

Although they have written some of their own material, most are traditional and arranged by Gary and Sam. All the traditional tracks are given what only can be described as The Hut People’s unique makeover, they have been Hutified! Rhythms are changed at various times to Eastern European or Caribbean or Reggae or with echoes of Opera. There is even some Celtic and English! But the album flows seamlessly from track to track because of the rapport and understanding between the two.

I haven’t said if Cabinet Of Curiosities is good or not, or if I like it or not. Just to say I would be the first to get my money out and answer the call to “Roll up and see what the magical Cabinet of Curiosities holds today! Be prepared to be well and truly amazed.”

Dave Beeby

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