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WOMEN FOLK - Various Artists

Men Folk - Various Artists - Fellside Recordings FESC1
Women Folk
- Various Artists - Fellside Recordings FESC2
Cutting Edge - Various Artists - Fellside Recordings FESC3

There is a saying which goes: "If you blow your own trumpet, make sure it's a good tune". Well, Fellside Recordings have picked a stack of good tunes (and songs) for these three CDs, a fanfare for this company which still believes in musical heritage and traditions, past and present.

Three CDs split into, Men folk, Women folk and Cutting edge, each with a wealth of good singers and good song, running to a total of 59 tracks. Singers and players such as: Keith Kendrick, Peter Bellamy, Gordeanna McCulloch, John Wright, Maddy Prior, Nancy Kerr, Spiers & Boden, Kieron Means, Benji Kirkpatrick and Martin Carthy will give inkling to the quality and variety but there is more much more. The songs and tunes are for the most part from the tradition: Green Grow The Laurels from Johnny Collins; Yellow Handkerchief from Linda Adams; Nancy Kerr with Searching For Lambs; Ed Rennie with Colin & Phoebe and John Kirkpatrick with Female Sailor Bold.

Compilation /collection recordings are often good value, this trio of CDs is especially good, scoring highly with both quantity and quality and, Fellside having priced these recordings to sell, makes them a real bargain. FOLK MUSIC in capital letters.

Peter Fairbairn

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