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JON BUDWORTH - We All Share The Same Sky ff

JON BUDWORTH - We All Share The Same Sky 
Flying Folkie Recording Company FF001CD 

This is a debut album by a Lancastrian who has now happily made his home over the Yorkshire border in Otley. But The War of the Roses ended centuries ago: he is able to look back on his old stomping ground with nostalgia, as evinced by the best track on the album, Some Days. This is a song about his favourite place in the world: Jennets Lane in Glazebury. He muses on how the seasons colour and change the landscape. And it proved a strong enough song as to make this reviewer go to Google satellite maps to check it out...!!

Jon has a pleasant voice, but that isn’t his really strong suit. His strength is his deeply impressive guitar work, which is evident throughout. Nine compositions are self-penned, and one traditional. His own songs run the gamut in subject matter, and are pretty decent. Occasionally the lyrics miss the mark a bit. I was amused by his song Lighthouse Keeper and his wish for the simple life as a custodian of the light: a life free from a TV screen. How does that miss the mark? Well, I was one: and I recall being on a rock lighthouse in 1970, watching a grainy b&w TV, and passionately supporting Wales whilst my fellow keeper cheered on England in a rugby international...!!

Jon’s one foray into the Tradition brings us his take on Rosebuds In June. A brave attempt. But one marred by some hit-and-miss vocal harmonies.

A promising debut, nonetheless.

Dai Woosnam

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