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TIM EDEY - Sailing Over The 7th String

TIM EDEY - Sailing Over The 7th String
Gnatbite Records GB20

Tim Edey is one of those musicians who other musicians lust after, able to play a variety of instruments exceedingly well. However, whilst some of the virtuosos are more about their playing than the finished sound, making it difficult to entertain those of us who are not musicians, Tim Edey still produces entertaining music whether live or, as on Sailing Over The 7th String, his recorded work.

On this CD he plays mainly guitar with a couple of melodeon tunes thrown in and whilst described as a solo album, he is ably backed by the amazing Patsy Reid, fiddle and string arrangements, Lucy Randall, percussion and Steve Cooney on guitar. Tim varies his style, moving effortlessly from jazz guitar to acoustic and even some electric guitar. The music has many influences, Latin American, Classical, Gaelic, even a bit of English and a surprise version of Swanee River. I love the JP’s set, starting with the traditional Carlisle Lasses before moving into a tune with an amazingly long title which space here prevents me from writing!

It would have been possible for these many styles and influences to result in a fragmented piece of work, but in Tim’s hands this is not the case. The production by Robin Wynn Evans is crisp and clear, whilst the cover photo of Tim by Judith Burrows really does show his personality.

You will notice I have not gone into Tim’s background, influences and collaborations, or the many references to his love of sailing. To do so would take most of the Living Tradition magazine it is so extensive.

Tim Edey has produced something special with Sailing Over The 7th String.

Dave Beeby

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