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DAIMH - Pirates Of Puirt GIMCD002

Daimh (pronounced Da-ave) are five musicians who, individually, have their own style, but are able to fuse these together effortlessly to produce a CD of quality. Each take a turn at leading so a tune can move from gentle guitar to forceful bagpipes, as on "Mazurka", or start with banjo before whistle takes over as on "the Funny Whistle". Instruments slip into support mode with no sign of a join, almost as the mood takes them.

Their backgrounds are as widespread as the material, ranging from Cape Breton, California, Ireland and the Highlands of Scotland. This is reflected in the tunes, the sources of which are credited in the well-produced CD liner. Talking of production, this is one of the clearest sounds I have heard for some time so credit to the recording engineer and producer. But back to the music- my favourite track is "The Lady's Dance" set which closes this CD, starting with a pipe march, moving into a strathspey before ending with an old time tune from Cape Breton. Excellent Stuff.

I don't know if there is a place called Puirt to be a pirate from (is it a Gaelic word to do with music?) but there is a tranquill Loch Daimh where little grebe, whooper swans and ospreys frequent - I have seen a picture, the wonders of Internet!!

Daimh means friendship - so reflects the obvious friendship these five musicians have for each other. An album to watch out for.

Dave Beeby

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