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ROLY VEITCH - Wherever Ye Gan

ROLY VEITCH - Wherever Ye Gan

Roly plays guitar, banjo and ukulele and specialises in the Tyneside dialect song tradition. This is his fourth CD of the repertoire. During last summer, he decided to pick out some of the well known favourites and make fresh recordings, this time with more varied instrumentation and new ideas in the arrangements. There are several from the tradition, including The Keel Row, Ma Bonny Lad, The Water Of Tyne and Bonny At Morn - a favourite song of ours, sung very well by Roly. Three songs by Jack Robson are very emotive. The title song very nearly displaced Blaydon Races as THE Tyneside anthem. In Cullercoats Bay he sings the words, “Give me the language that’s spoken my way,” and these words certainly resonate because the dialect of a Geordie lies at the heart of who they are.

C.M. Leumane’s Lambton Worm, J. Wilson’s Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny and G. Boswell’s I’ve Got A Little Whippet are very memorable and give a good idea of Geordie humour. Alang The Roman Wall and The Pitman’s Lament, by N. Turnball, show other emotions. And you could not have any Geordie CD without Morpeth Rant and Hesleyside Reel.

Roly sings and plays well and is dedicated to his Tyneside roots, presenting the songs as they should be sung. More information about the dialect, songs and composers, as well as some aspects of the history of the Blaydon area and Roly’s own background, is available from his website.

Kathy & Bob Drage

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