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OLD BLIND DOGS "The Gab O Mey" GLED 1223

When you put a compelling and distinctive singer like Jim Malcolm together with a group like Old Blind Dogs who are without argument competent, but not particularly compelling or distinctive, you end up with an album like this one. I mean that whilst it has no terrible tunes/songs, and is singularly without a "cringe" moment, on the other hand it doesn't excite particularly. Sung versions of standards such as Bogies Bonnie Belle or Monymusk Lads bring to mind the Ronseal ad - i.e. they do "exactly what it says on the tin" without raising anyone's temperature.

The Wisest Fool about the folly of the House of Stuart following the ascendance of King James is a new song from JM and a good'un, and it's nice to hear the lovely Lochanside again, done here as an instrumental. I'd be straining to say much more about the album, and will avoid the reviewers trap of writing for its own sake.

Hector Christie

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