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GLYMJACK - Light The Evening Fire

GLYMJACK - Light The Evening Fire
Storm Lantern Music GLYMJACKCD001

This debut album for Glymjack was envisioned and driven forward by singer-songwriter Greg McDonald and brought to life by producer Phil Beer and a stalwart and talented cast. The songs sparkle with eminently singable refrains and the arrangements are varied and tasteful. The release benefits from excellent helpers, like Beer, Steve Knightley, Gemma Gayner and Dickon Collinson (the latter two tour this year with McDonald to support this release).

The title track opens the CD and establishes the folk-roots-rock sound. Two of the 10 tracks are traditional pieces. Bows Of London has broad harmonies and a drone-like fiddle accompaniment. The Sweet Trinity starts out with a reggae accordion back beat, is joined by a sparse but persistent guitar, and then opens up into a fiddle interlude. The textures are often complex, such as on Night Vision with its percussion and drones and wails and atmospherics. The lyrics are well-crafted, if sometimes grim, but generally argue for illuminating the social darkness of our age. For example, Hope Point and Bright Sparks are both arena roots-rock anthems with all the hooks necessary for singing along with lighters held high.

The term “Glymjack” is slang for a street child who led strangers through the streets of London at night with a lantern. Likewise, this release lights the dark night of our own current underworlds, and leads us forward with some pretty approachable dance music as a soundtrack for the journey.

Ivan Emke

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