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Green Monkey Records GM1048 

Take two sets of brothers, Dante and Eros Faulk, and River and Sage Scheuerell, shake up the initial letters of their first names, and you get the origin of the band’s name. REDS hail from Olympia in Washington State, where they have established themselves throughout the area as up-and-coming players of fiddle-based music, having turned towards traditional music after earlier forays in contemporary and classical.

River plays fiddle, mandolin and bouzouki; Eros, fiddle, foot and shruti box; Dante, cello and bodhran; and Sage, guitar. This instrumentation allows them to vary the depth and timbre of their music, which they interpret with a maturity beyond their years. Their arrangements are well thought out, with good interplay between all the instruments.

The selection of music on show is also well-balanced, with a mixture of well-known Irish session tunes, Scottish and Québecois numbers and journeys into Scandinavian parts as well. Not to forget the home-based American music, either! Regardless of the tunes’ origins, the lads tackle them all with brio and verve, and their current level of playing makes me sure that they are going to evolve into an extremely enthusiastic and competent outfit indeed.

REDS play with lots and lots of energy, yet still manage to keep control of the music, which they treat with respect as they stamp their own take on it. Definitely a band to look out for in future years.

Gordon Potter

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