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RANNOK - Dejodejo

RANNOK - Dejodejo
Go Folk GO0213

Fiddle and piano from two well-known Danish musicians on their second duo CD: Rannok is the music of Theis Langlands and Michael Graubaek, their own compositions as well as tunes from the Danish tradition. Although Dejodejo is a full track longer than Rannok's debut release, it's still not a long album: 12 tracks in just under 40 minutes. With few guests or fancy studio effects - just a bit of cittern and mouthorgan - variety is limited, but these two master musicians manage to produce plenty of enjoyable music. Jigs, polkas, schottisches, waltzes and more: all are given sympathetic interpretations, bringing modern touches to old melodies and fitting new compositions seamlessly into Denmark's dance music tradition.

Once again I'm struck by the similarities between Danish and English music, particularly the more upbeat melodeon-led dance music of eastern England. Langlands' catchy little number E20 would slot nicely into several English sessions I can think of, and wouldn't be out of place in the repertoire of Hekety or Whapweasel. Hamborger Af Ole Kjoer has a more Northumbrian character, while Praestø Polka reminds me more of Suffolk tunes. At other times this music is unmistakably Scandinavian - Sigurds Brudemarch, written for a friend's wedding, has that Nordic ritual mood, and Sandby Polka is a typical Danish dance tune. In complete contrast, the Scots-style medley Celtic Colors is almost a pastiche of Cape Breton fiddle tunes, a tribute to the eponymous festival and the fabulous autumn display of deciduous foliage. The final Mindevals is another delight. 40 minutes is a short time, but Rannok fill it with ease. Find out more at - well worth a look.

Alex Monaghan


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