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TRADISH - Handmade Tales 

TRADISH - Handmade Tales 
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I've never had the good fortune to hear the snappily named Tradish live, nor even to have heard of them. My omission, perhaps excused by them representing one of the lesser known hybrids in European music - Irish/Danish. It might not sound ready to take the world by storm, but it proves highly listenable.

Tradish has been together as a band for ten years and this is their third album, so it is no surprise that they sound well-honed in each other's company. John Pilkington, an Englishman who has been immersed in the Irish traditional scene in both England and Ireland for over 30 years, does much of the singing and some of the writing, along with Dane Brian Woetmann, who is also in charge of percussion. Much of the most interesting soundscape, however, is provided by Danish fiddler Louise Ring Vangsgaard. She has a lovely, mellow tone to her playing, especially on a jazzy track like The Glasgow Twin Set. There is even a dash of Greenland on an unusual number, Nuilersup Qilaap Seequinersuata - hard enough to type, let alone pronounce.

We could be anxious trading partners with the Danes in the near future, with confident predictions that the first thing to run out after Brexit will be Danish bacon. This does its little bit to keep lines of communication open.

Dave Hadfield


This review appeared in Issue 131 of The Living Tradition magazine