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GO  GO1213EP

There's certainly no doubt as to the quality of the playing here - the technique is so thoroughly there that it isn't an issue and the two players rip through some spectacular tune sets.  In fact, it sounds as if these items have specifically been chosen to showcase their virtuosity.

Ditte Fromseier's singing is lovely - she sings beautifully on the traditional-sounding Noget Om Livet Selv with jazz/rock instrumental breaks that appear to have drifted in from an unrelated song and on Godfader Vil Ja Priza which is performed straighter and is all the better for it.  Ditte Fromseier is very much a classical-style violinist, which doesn't stop her jazzing it up like a good 'un, while Sigurd Hockings can seemingly play anything. The recorded sound is strange though; although the guitar has a bit of bloom and resonance (sounds lovely), the violin sounds as if it was recorded in a cupboard - but the ear adjusts after a while. And why an EP?  This is great stuff, but I'd love to have heard them record some of their other repertoire - the breathtaking sets of Danish reels, airs etc which they also play at gigs - although Thea Og Johans is a lovely air.

In short, this is a terrific taster of what this couple is about.  But what I want is a full-length CD with them tackling all areas of their repertoire - and recorded live.  I sincerely hope that this issue will persuade somebody to book these two in the UK - soon!

Paul Burgess

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