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INVER - Heading Out 

INVER - Heading Out 
Go Danish Folk Music GO1319 

There is something to be said about the 'sound' and quality which emanates from a particular recording label, in this case Inver are Heading Out from GO Danish Folk Music or 'Gofolk'. There is a consistent warm, immediate sound from this label, and the instrumentalists here join a stable of other very promising and enjoyable bands.

A YouTube clip on the band’s website opens the door to three very accomplished musicians playing, with other clips from the Aarhus Folk Festival in 2018, and more from band member Rune Barslund (Denmark) going back to 2004, where he shows much confidence and excellent dexterity in his button accordion playing. He also plays sonorous low whistle on a number of tracks on this CD, and he is joined by Kevin Lees (fiddle) and Matthew Jones (guitar), both UK Radio 2 Young Folk Award winners, on this their first collaborative album.

The tune sets, mostly self-composed, make great listening and the variety of techniques used by each of the instrumentalists is well employed to make each set a personality in its own right, whilst creating a cohesive band sound. There are 10 tracks in all, with two waltz sets - The Simple Things and Vals Til Mor Og Far - played enigmatically, adding a rich pastel tone to contrast with the jig and reel sets. Christy Leahy, Mike McGoldrick, Joanie Madden, Liz Carroll and Sylvain Barou are all credited with influencing the lads' playing or lending them the odd tune or two. In addition, the instruments played by the band are very nice ones.

This CD is a good ‘first’ and well worth the listening.

C.John Edwards


This review appeared in Issue 133 of The Living Tradition magazine