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Gottdiscs – GOTTCD054

This is a welcome release for those of us that have worn out our G & C first time around albums (and have been thwarted in our attempts to replace them).  Having said that, there is a full reissue of their back catalogue scheduled, although newcomers to this erstwhile duo could do a heck of a lot worse than invest in this little gem for starters.

This pair had an abundance of soul in their delivery, they ploughed their own furrow alongside Richard Thompson in the 1980s, for a while being part of his band, and their rockier numbers have RT’s influence through them like Blackpool folk rock. Their slower acoustic numbers drip with more emotion than is decent at times. Home Is Where The Heart Is still makes the hairs on my neck erect. It’s All Just Talk recalls memorable gigs when the audience sat spellbound by the raw honesty and powerful delivery. Wash MeAwayseems like the soundtrack to so many of our lives in that period. They may not still be a combo (and may not even be on speaking terms), but the fact that they are individually touring to promote this offering is fantastic news – we may not again witness the unique chemistry set that was their collective live act, but we can invest in a bit of British folk history. Vibrant and alive and still rocking, and squeezing our emotions until the pigs grunt. Buy this as a voyage of new discovery or a recollection of what kept the scene from drifting into the doldrums that were predicted for the late 1980s. Or just because it makes you feel good. It does it for me.

Grem Devlin

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