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DONAL LUNNY "Journey - The Best of Donal Lunny" GRACD285

This is one of those albums that has never left the CD player since it arrived! A two CD set, with an informative booklet - more a book really - it is one of the most enjoyable albums that I have heard this year. Music from the Bothy Band, Planxty and more, through to the latest incarnation, Coolfin, is featured along with a long list of superb guest musicians and singers. The earlier material has been digitally re-mastered, and sits easily amongst the later recordings. It shows how far ahead of their time the Bothy Band really were, that the material stands up so well almost twenty years on! (And just in case you think you have all the material that Donal ever released, there are seven previously unreleased tracks on this CD!). Owing to the volume of tracks, it would take up more space than I'm allotted to name them all. Suffice to say that from the opening live recording of the Bothy Band's 'Kesh Jig' set, through to the final seven tracks of the 'Millennium Suite', this album is enjoyment all the way! If you only buy one album this year, make it this one. Like the advert says, "It does what it says...". Or maybe that should be "The Best of Donal Lunny - So Far".

John Weatherby

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This album was reviewed in Issue 40 of The Living Tradition magazine.