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Cath Mundy & Jay Turner advertise themselves as "Australia's' Award Winning Internationally Touring Original Acoustic Music Duo", a helluva mouthful, full of sound and fury signifying. ? However, in spite of a bit of smugness here, and the odd dash of OTTness there, they make pretty good music. She plays fiddle, somewhere between folk and classical styles, while he plays guitar at times sensitively, and with delicacy. He's less successful on certain other arrangements, when reaching for a driving effect, as he ends up sounding boringly "stummy". They both have excellent voices which can veer from the soaringly passionate to the tender and subtle. Singer-songwriters both, they've teamed up together to produce a "live" act that, by all accounts, is warm, engaging and communicative. Less easy to do in a recording studio, they nevertheless get across to you on the majority of their compositions e.g. 'Georgia, A Ladder To The Sky', and 'Separation Street'. Good album overall, but a word to the wise - John and Yoko did the naked "so in love" routine on album covers a long time ago, and failed to stir up more than revulsion. This CD cover is no improvement - yeeeeeech! If you have to get your kit aff, save it for the family album and give the rest of the world a break - what've we ever done to you?

Hector Christie

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This album was reviewed in Issue 40 of The Living Tradition magazine.