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Underpinning Rosselson's work whether funny sad or furious is a palpable humanity. Not apparent here. Sure there's brutality aplenty in songs such as the one about the child who should flee from the 'hunting man' who "scours the fields in a stained white van", rage in gargantuan proportions whether it be Bloody Sunday or the demonstrations in Genoa that went wrong under the lenses of the worlds TV cameras, or incest that's the target. Most of the concerns here I -like many readers I'd guess- have railed against at some time or other, but to load them back to back on a CD, with no glance at an alternative reality, gives a false representation of a world which thankfully does have some love and laughter in it. Apart from that, (and no matter that there's a sharp turn of phrase here and there, and some solid instrumental work), it makes for boring listening, and is as misleading in its' unrelentingly grim depiction of life as is the parallel right wing universe created by fellow whingers on the 'Daily Mail' at the other end of the political spectrum.

Hector Christie

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