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DUCK SOUP - Everything And...

DUCK SOUP - Everything And...
Hebe Music HEBECD009

There's eclectic – and then there's Duck Soup. The majority of their material hails from England spiced by pieces from far-flung sources such as Quebec, or the Bahamas. There's even a 'classical' piece (although I doubt you'd spot it without being told).

Dan Quinn sticks to playing first-rate melodeon and singing some great songs, but it's when the other instruments (played by Adam Bushell and Ian Kearey) come in that you notice the difference. Three individuals single-mindedly (triple-mindedly?) ploughing their own furrow to achieve a result which sounds so totally right. The first track starts with spritely melodeon which is then joined by marimba and 12-string dobro – not a normal English music combination, but it's absolutely wonderful. Proceedings are brought to a joyous close with a roaring version of Morgan Rattler, when the album's title becomes clear as their battery of instruments are joined by someone playing – yes – the kitchen sink!

Paul Burgess

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