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“Isn’t it nice to walk into a house and hear real music being played?” So commented a friend of ours who is definitely not a fan of our music. She would no more go to see anyone live than I would listen to JLS or watch X Factor!!! But she stood still, quite still and listened.

What I take for granted became something special to her, even if only for a couple of minutes.

Pete Clark (violin and viola) and Ron Shaw (cello) have subtitled Jig Of Chance, Music Old And New In The Scottish Tradition, and that is just what the CD is. They are also known as the Neil Gow duo (a kind of tribute act!) and some of the tunes on here are Gow’s compositions, whilst there is a smattering by other well known writers and some which are self penned by Pete and Ron which sit very nicely alongside the others.

I love the way the cello intertwines with the violin and both players show how good they are - using all their years of experience to give us good quality music. I found the CD just a bit too long though, at an hour. I know there is an argument for good value but I have found it hard to get to the final tracks, which is a shame as they are just as good.

A well presented and recorded CD with excellent artwork. I do have an issue with the track listing and layout of the back cover – for me this serves no purpose as all the titles have been shortened, often in mid word. Perhaps a way forward would be to have a single name for a set of tunes, as the complete listing is included inside. But, all in all, Jig of Chance is an enjoyable listen especially accompanied by a glass or two of single malt.

Dave Beeby

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