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JIGGERYPIPERY "The Drift" Private Release JP2

Funky bass lines and crashing drums provide the aural backdrop to James Robertson's mighty piping. Add fiddle and guitar to the mix and throw in a fair splash of chutzpah and the resulting sound should be played loud for maximum effect. James' tunes, which form the bulk of the material on the album, sit easily next to some well kent titles such as The Ass in The Graveyard and Desert Storm. Clever arrangements keep the musical landscape moving and allow each of the players to shine while keeping a common feel throughout. Tony Bayliss even sings the shanty Johnny come down to Hilo, to perk up those all jigged out. Although occasionally needing to have just a little more courage of their convictions to avoid sounding like Wolfstone on Prozac the band are well into the rock piping groove and kick ass (and not just the one in the graveyard).

Chris MacKenzie

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