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KARIN GRANDAL-PARK & ROSIE CLEGG - Strong In The Broken Places

KARIN GRANDAL-PARK & ROSIE CLEGG - Strong In The Broken Places
Private Label KGPRC001

This is a new venture for Karin and Rosie, who have been performing together since January 2015. Karin comes from a blues / jazz background and has only recently ventured into folk music. She sings and plays guitar. Rosie has been on the folk scene and bluegrass circuit for over 30 years and is well known, particularly in the north. She sings and plays guitar and banjo. They combine strong vocals and harmonies for their songs on this seven track debut, beginning with the traditional Wayfaring Stranger, which is thoughtfully sung.

The CD includes several self-penned songs by Karin which are all inspired by true stories, personal experience and historical events. The title track (also by Karin) tells the story of a woman who overcomes years of domestic violence, breaks free and finally starts a new life for herself. Don Cusic’s It Rains Everywhere I Go tells its own story and the pair treat Kieran Halpin’s Nothing To Show For It All with great reverence. Personally, we would like to hear them sing more traditional songs and can think of many that would suit their voices and musical style. They play very well.

Mike Harding recorded, produced and engineered this CD, as well as adding some mandolin and acoustic bass.

This is certainly a duo to watch out for in the future and it will be interesting to see how they develop their music.

Kathy & Bob Drage

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