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BAGAD KEMPER 'Sud-Ar Sud' Keltia Musique KMCD151

If studio created bagpipe/samples/percussion/fusion tends to do your head in then this live album, "which does exactly what it says on the tin", should please. Bagad Kemper play a mix of what you'd expect from them i.e. traditional, Celtic, Breton music but also what they refer to as "today's music". They explain: "this does not mean that the Bagad Kemper play the music that is at the centre of media attention today. We like to say that Bagad Kemper play music from many sources, music that inspires today's musicians". So on this album they've added new sounds to traditional pieces and added tunes from other regions and invited guest musicians to join them.

Good? I'll say! From the famous Brazilian opener 'Mas que nada' (ye ken it -aye ye do) through jotas, wedding marches, traditional Breton melodies, by way of an obscure (to me at least) 1980s pop hit 'Sally' (by Carmel it sez here).

It's loud, OTT, joyous, fun and exultant, with a Latin swing that rivals Carmen Miranda's' bunnet. (for younger Non-Scottish readers Carmen was a Latin film star famous for wearing lots of fruit on her hats- or bunnet- which swung when she danced)

And if that wasn't enough, in the lineup of guests, they've even got she who walks upon water piping wise, gaita supreme Susanna Seivane. You'll wish you'd been there when you hear this.

Hector Christie

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