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EOIN DILLON - The Third Twin

EOIN DILLON - The Third Twin
Kila Records KRCD201

Kila's piper has produced a solo debut which is worthy of the name and well worth the wait. The Third Twin is almost all Eoin Dillon's own compositions, ranging from soulful waltzes like Paddy's Perambulation and Dee Armstrong's lovely Bearna Waltz to finger-twisting reels such as the Joxer's Parrallell set, which really is spelt that way. Eoin is joined by Proinsias Tate on bouzouki, Steve Larkin on fiddle and Desmond Calahan on guitar, but with the exception of Frank Tate's lively jig, Marcus McSpartacus, pipes and whistle are to the fore throughout: on the Breton-tinged slow reel, March of April Maye and the complex rhythms of Length of Space, the charming whistle tune Codladh Samh, the feverish Liffey Reels which open the album, and the virtuoso First Avenue which closes it.

The Third Twin sets Eoin Dillon apart from the Kila crowd, as a fine piper in his own right, and a composer of first class tunes. Sadly there's very little information about the man or the music with this CD, but it should be readily available in the shops or from - there's at least one sample track online.

Alex Monaghan

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