LYRA CELTICA - Lynn Tocker, Frank McGuire and Chuck Fleming
Own Label, LC001

The three members of Lyra Celtica are certainly having fun on this recording. Their exuberant energy comes through loud and clear. The tunes range from high spirited jigs and reels to beautiful airs, with a few songs mixed in for good measure, but the zeal with which each is played is unflagging.

But don’t think that zeal and energy mean Lyra Celtica is in any way lacking in the musical talent department. The energy is just gravy. The real meat of this album lies in the playing and arranging of the pieces. Switching between fiddle, accordion and whistle, each instrument emerges from and recedes into the accompaniment gracefully, shining in its own right or blending seamlessly with the others. The percussion is also well done and adds a funky, modern edge to several of the tunes. The singing may have been better left off, as although it doesn’t detract from the album, it certainly doesn’t add anything.

Two tracks are particularly enjoyable. The first is ‘Farewell to Spain / Paddy Connolly Buys One Gets One Free’. The first is a slow, beautiful fiddle tune, followed by cleverly named two-for-one jigs on accordion. ‘Pat’s Air’ is another lovely slow piece by Lynn Tocker commemorating the death of band member Frank McGuire’s father.

Lyra Celtica’s album is good fun and quality music. If you want to add some excellent music to your collection, find yourself a copy of this album and not only will you have a highly enjoyable recording, but you will have energy to burn!

Jean Price.

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