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HUGO PINKSTERBOER - Tipbook Guides: Violin And Viola, Music On Paper, Amplifiers And Effects

HUGO PINKSTERBOER - Tipbook Guides: Violin And Viola, Music On Paper, Amplifiers And Effects
The Tipbook Company

The Tipbook Company is a publisher based in the Netherlands and they produce a variety of self-help books for the musician and music enthusiast. There are 15 titles in the series ranging from Flute And Piccolo to Vocals. I looked at three of the titles: Violin And Viola, Music On Paper and Amplifiers And Effects. The pages are well designed with clear and concise information. The books are available both as printed versions and as apps for tablets or smartphones.

Violin And Viola

This book seems to be mainly aimed at the classical violinist, but much of the content is relevant to fiddle players too. The 17 chapters cover subjects such as the best methods of learning to play, or what to look for when buying a violin. There’s a chapter on strings, another on tuning, and others on the electric violin, how a violin is made, bows and rosin - in fact, every conceivable subject that would be of interest to a violinist (or, in our case, fiddle player!). Being an app, there are some moving clips to illustrate certain examples, such as the different styles of music played on the instrument.

Music On Paper

Music On Paper is an excellent introduction into how to read music. The app takes the reader from the very basics – what represents which notes on sheet music, through to scales, explaining major and minor, harmonics and chords. This is aimed at the beginner and will leave the reader with an excellent knowledge of the subject.

Amplifiers And Effects

This is a very interesting book that delves into this mysterious world. Most people learn this subject by trial and error, but this book offers a short-cut, explaining the terminology, the equipment available on the market, what it does and how to get the best out of it. There is no interactive stuff on this app, as it is just a direct copy of the printed book, but that is not a problem, the text explains everything clearly. This app won’t answer all your questions, but it will point you in the right direction and help you solve problems.

Jed Mugford

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