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JOHN BROMLEY - From Higgin Chamber

JOHN BROMLEY - From Higgin Chamber
Private Label LTCD9013

John Bromley has been singing for more years than he cares to remember. Since 2001 he has been a member of Kimber’s Men, famed for their take on songs of the sea and shanties. This CD represents the material that he has been singing in the clubs over these years, including many which will be familiar to those of us who have been an audience for probably as long.

A fair few of them are from the Scottish tradition, some are written by the likes of Archie Fisher and Stan Rogers, but most are Trad, arranged Bromley.  The extensive notes provide not only the words but also the source John got them from. He has a good voice, very deep and rich, which suits most of the songs, but is occasionally at odds with the rather thin guitar on some tracks.

I am not going to do the “my favourite track” thing as it serves little purpose as it is just my personal choice. I will say however that a little less quantity might have improved the whole feel of the CD. It is well produced and the recording quality is good - recorded in Higgin Chamber by Ross McOwen. The accompanying booklet is informative with good quality photography.

I hope this CD sells well, as the likes of John Bromley are the backbone of the folk scene and their dedication keeps it alive.

Dave Beeby

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