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NUA - Bold

NUA - Bold
Private Label

Nua, (meaning 'new'), are from Canada and are one of latest young energetic folk bands comprising Jacob McCauley on bodhrán, Graeme McGillivray on guitar and James Law on fiddle. This album, Bold, is a collection of their own original work. It is a great recording - simple, straightforward and close to the ear - my favourite kind.

I love the combination of the strong bodhrán and fiddle here. The guitar blends well rhythmically with the bodhrán, which prevents the fiddle from being crowded.

Tracks 1-9, to me, are one big intro into an amazing last four tracks. In them there are lots of repetitive strands on fiddle, the rhythm dictates all and there's a lack of distinct character in the pieces. Perhaps the fiddle and guitar could have worked together more on the melodies? I feel these tracks rather seem to lean too heavily on rhythm alone.

Tracks 10-14, though, are strong, individual and innovative pieces, showing off the amazing talent and versatile musicality and the spirit of this next generation. These are truly Nua. There is sweetness in Peter And Michelles, the ice and snow of Scandinavian and rocky Scottish influences on Flying CDs, modern pop/ jazz on Martyn’s Yellow Tea Pot, gypsy jazz/ trad on The Hijack and the final track has hints of Daft Punk. Love it!

I hope Nua continue what they started on the second half of this album and make future albums that have two halves that reflect their great talent.

Annemarie de Bie

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