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JONATHAN MILTON - Just One More...

JONATHAN MILTON - Just One More...
Private Label

I haven't been able to find out much about Jon Milton, except that he's from Austin in the Lone Star state, but his debut CD speaks for itself. He's recorded with a few local bands previously, and I'm guessing he's about thirty from the photos at, but the most important thing to know is that he's a damn fine player of the wooden flute in the Irish style. This recording is not flawless, but there is such life and lift in the music that you'll easily forgive the occasional hasty breath or blurred note. Jon has a good tone and crisp fingering, a personal style which is a little short on ornamentation at times, but a great ear for the music and a real joy in playing which comes across loud and clear. He's gathered some fine musical partners on fiddles, banjo, guitars and percussion, but the flute is front and centre throughout, and rightly so.

In among session favourites such as Munster Buttermilk, The Green Mountain, The Rainy Day and Colonel Rodgers' Favourite, Jonathan Milton has scattered three of his own tunes, as well as the same number of compositions by Charlie Lennon and Peadar Ò Riada, making a very enjoyable selection. I've rarely heard more splendidly dotted hornpipes than The Slipper and The Independence here, superbly played on flute and snare. Milton's own Natalie Jane shows a gentler side of his music, a slow reel full of sweetness and grace. With a nice contrast of stark and sumptuous arrangements and some imaginative twists in the combination of tunes, this is a surprising and refreshing album as well as a very accomplished one. There are times where the music seems a little rushed - more time could be taken over Spòirt, for instance, and the final track is a bit of a gallop - but I thoroughly enjoyed this recording and I hope we'll be hearing much more from this Texan talent.

Alex Monaghan

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