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AODÁN COYNE - If We Only Knew

AODÁN COYNE - If We Only Knew
Private Label

A collection of traditional and contemporary songs in approximately equal measure, with Aodán Coyne providing the vocals and guitar throughout and occasional mandolin and bouzouki accompaniment. Coyne is also the guitarist from celebrated Clare band Socks In The Frying Pan, but on this showing is a fine solo artiste in his own right. This is quite refreshing for a home produced minimalist debut package. His voice is solid and confident throughout, and the choice of songs complementary. As for the guitar, well, it is excellent in the context of the songs. The album could have been subtitled ‘whatever did we do before DADGAD?’, but having jumped on the same bandwagon myself of late that isn’t a criticism…

Particular highlights for me are his interpretation of the traditional Isle Of France and Ed Pickford’s Workers’ Song (the Gaughan arrangement). His version of Ewan MacColl’s Ballad Of Accounting is also captivating, due in no small part to Sean McCarthy’s low whistle accompaniment.

The album is expensively packaged, but without lyrics and song information – the listener is directed to the artiste’s website. I found myself crying out ‘more, more’ when the CD came to an end (particularly as at just on 45 minutes long there is space for more of this good stuff).

Grem Devlin

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