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GLENN SIMPSON - Walking In Spring

GLENN SIMPSON - Walking In Spring
Private Label

Glenn Simpson recorded Walking In Spring in Belfast at Start Together Studios and plays guitar and gazouki (that’s a cross between a guitar and bouzouki) and wrote all the material here. Walking In Spring is all instrumental, bar Glendun, which itself is listed as a bonus track and the sole vocal piece on the package. The album uses extended instrumental pieces that, while solo, sound like they comprise two instrumentalists – jousting one another, riding on mutual melodic waves and gently accompanying the lead partaker, whether the guitar or gazouki. Echoes of fellow guitar exponents like Gordon Giltrap come to mind occasionally, yet the sound here is equally personalised and fresh. I believe that making an all instrumental collection is unusual for Glenn Simpson as he usually makes more vocal based recordings, but this one is a quietly accomplished affair that hits the folk, new age and ambient shores equally and which is worth listening to.

John O’Regan

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