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A German couple, singer Joanna Scott Douglas and guitarist/vocalist Jan Jedding, Marie’s Wedding made their debut album at home with a mix of German and Scottish musicians joining them. Names like Sandy Brechin, Ian Melrose and Gregor Borland figure in the cast and provide some subtle backing but it’s the vocal work of Joanna Scott Douglas and Jan Jedding that catches the attention.

Joanna’s voice sounds perfectly suited to songs that demand much from a singer like Dick Gaughan’s setting of Both Sides The Tweed, Black Is The Colour and Loch Tay Boat Song. She is equally at home on faster material like Cold Spray Blow (which I remember hearing many years ago from Dundalk group Cuchulain on their 1978 album, Three Months In Winter) and Eerie Canal, associated with Pete Seeger. Jan Jedding features on Lord Franklin, while the backings are quietly subdued yet tasteful enough to be noticed.

The whole feel of the album is of solidity in the material and performances - these people know what they like and like what they know. It’s a quality album, well performed, and the material speaks for itself as do the treatments – it’s guaranteed to bring satisfaction for anyone that likes good songs sung with heart and conviction.

John O’Regan

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