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AMY MCALLISTER - String On String

AMY MCALLISTER - String On String
Private Label

The debut album from Antrim singer and harpist Amy McAllister, the 11 tracks on String On String consist of contemporary and traditional romantic songs and harp solos.

Amy’s delicate and nimble playing is showcased in the four instrumental pieces, including The Swan by Catriona Mckay. The seven songs celebrate various aspects of love, including its triumph over adversity and difference. Four are traditional, these being P For Paddy, Over The Mountain, Matt Hyland and Bonnie Blue Eyed Nancy. Amy herself composed the remaining three, arrangements being created with Camille Champarnaud – who was also responsible for the production. A booklet is included, with notes and song lyrics.

Alongside her harp, Amy’s voice is the other key feature of the album. Always clear and bright, sometimes dusky, she does ample justice to the material. Eoghan Scott, Camille Champarnaud and Jos Kelly provide the instrumentation.

At 35 minutes long, String On String is a relaxing and gentle listen. Amy’s light and beautiful lilt, and rippling harp solos, generate a soothing and calming effect. A highly competent debut, this album provides a solid foundation for future recordings. There is surely much more to come from Amy McAllister.

Jim McCourt

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