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GENTICORUM - Avant L'orage

GENTICORUM - Avant L'orage
Private Label

French Canadian trio Genticorum are no strangers to these shores, thanks to their regular touring of our islands. They are one of those bands that virtually guarantees a good night. Quebecois music loses little by comparison with the Cajuns as good time music and Genticorum play it as well as anyone. There is something irresistibly - and literally – foot-tapping about them in action.

That is not to say that everything remains the same. The group has a new member with the not particularly French name of Nicholas Williams, and he plays the flute and piano accordion, as opposed to the accordeon diatonique of Yann Falquet (who is also responsible for the guitar in the band). The fulcrum of the operation, Pascal Gemme, keeps the squeezeboxes apart and provides that indispensable footwork as well as the fiddle. He is also responsible for the title track as well as for a reel with the intriguing title of Grumbling Marvin.

All three of them sing perfectly well, but it's the toe-tapping that sticks in the mind; that and the way they don't take themselves too seriously. It would take a heart of stone not to come away with this CD from seeing them live.

Dave Hadfield

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