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The Orchard

Have Port Isaac's finest had their 15 minutes of fame? The fisher folk from North Cornwall have been through a lot, including being taken up by the trad scene and being adopted as a novelty turn by a major label in the wider world. They have been touched by tragedy, with the death of a member and their promoter in an on-stage accident. All of which makes it particularly difficult to see the wood for the trees. In other words: are they, on their self-proclaimed ‘back to their roots’ album, any good?

Longevity says they are, because they have been lashing out New York Girls and Stormalong John - to name two of their best - for decades. They still lack a dominant voice between them all, although when you see them live they are given focus by Jon Cleave - that's him with the fancy tash.

That doesn't come over as clearly on CD, but that is hardly the point. Like the lozenges of the same name, they are there to provide a warm glow.

Dave Hadfield

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