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THE COBBLESTONE PUB - The Thursday Sessions

THE COBBLESTONE PUB - The Thursday Sessions
Private Label

Described as “a drinking pub with a music problem”, the Cobblestone in Dublin’s Smithfield is a traditional music venue that is something of a mecca for the many musicians resident in and passing through the capital. On any night of the week (and often during the day) the sessions here are the stuff of legends, and no traddy’s trip to Dublin would be complete without a visit. Its success is no accident. Run by Tom Mulligan, one of a renowned family of musicians who have been responsible for much Irish music over several generations, the sessions here are not put on as a show for the tourists - they are the real deal, a community of musicians playing until the wee small hours because they wouldn’t be anywhere else.

This CD is a snapshot of the kind of music you are likely to find in the bar, and in particular, on a Thursday night. Over 20 musicians and singers are featured in a mixture of duets, group ensembles, and a couple of unaccompanied songs. This isn’t a ‘band’ recording, so it isn’t as slick and polished as some other releases, but it is a collection of fantastic tunes and songs as they are heard in their natural habitat – again, the genuine article.

Reflecting the nature of the Thursday session, there is something of a Northern bias among the sets, and in particular, Donegal tunes feature highly, though not exclusively. The proprietor himself joins in on the last set of reels – a fitting end to an excellent CD. When are you going?

Fiona Heywood

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