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EIMEAR ARKINS - What’s Next? 

EIMEAR ARKINS - What’s Next? 
Private Label 

Originally from Co Clare and now domiciled in St Louis, Missouri, Eimear is one of those people who appears to be good at whatever she tries. An accomplished dancer, fiddle player and singer who’s performed internationally, I was surprised that this was her first solo foray into the recording studio; and it’s not before time.

Her Clare roots are apparent throughout the CD in terms of her singing and playing style, but this doesn’t stop her venturing elsewhere in Ireland in search of songs and tunes, from Cork to Fermanagh. There’s plenty of variety, with songs ranging from classics like Sweet Inniscarra through the lightness of Ballyconnell Fair to several songs performed as gaeilge; and the eclectic choice of material follows through into the four fiddle tracks (there are 12 tracks altogether).

The entire album is very polished and should appeal to a broad range of listeners – Eimear’s singing is excellent, with well-turned decoration and good vocal control, and her fiddle playing achieves the same high standard. But somehow, this very perfection in terms of the performance has resulted, for me, in something where I’m listening to a voice rather than a story. I know this is a very personal thing, and in my case, I find the best singers may not have the most perfect voices, but they do tell the best stories.

Other viewpoints (as they say) are available, and you shouldn’t let this minor quibble put you off; this is a first-rate CD by an accomplished artiste, and very easy to listen to.

John Waltham

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