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ALAN CATTON - Tales From The North Sea Strand 

ALAN CATTON - Tales From The North Sea Strand 
Private Label 

Alan Catton is the guitarist from Hull-based group, Beggars Bridge. This CD is a step away from the group in the form of an album of guitar instrumentals that reflect on the places of the North Sea coast where he lives. Alan says he is influenced by the old school guitarists (Renbourn, Jansch, Giltrap etc.) and those influences are clear. Guitarists will be impressed by his technical expertise. He appears to use altered tunings to good effect and there is occasional help from flute and keyboards. The tunes are reflective in nature, with a Celtic feel (to my ear) and none the worse for that, though, with such evident technical ability I would love to hear Alan’s take on something a little more up-tempo or driven. Without doubt these pieces are tremendously atmospheric. If pressed for a favourite I would choose Rhythm Of The Oars with its mesmerising pulse, but this CD is not about favourite tunes, it is about mood and it does mood very well indeed. The recording is of excellent quality and the CD package is well produced, if a little light on information about Alan. I hope Alan will not mind if I say that producers of film and TV might do well to check out Alan’s music. Any lover of the guitar will find something to enjoy here.

Philip Thomas


This review appeared in Issue 131 of The Living Tradition magazine