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SADIE & JAY - A Passing Of Seasons 

SADIE & JAY - A Passing Of Seasons 
Private Label 

The third album from this Australian duo continues their diverse musical narrative, covering topics as diverse as mining disasters, bushfires, opal mining and the wartime sacrifice of the ANZACs. The key to their success in putting across the stories is the obvious musical chemistry between them, on double bass and piano (Sadie) and guitar (Jay). Having seen them live on recent tours in the UK, I was expecting a tight album again, and this is a joy from beginning to end. The guitar parts are steadfast throughout – although I am conscious that Jay has more opportunity to demonstrate his instrumental prowess in a live environment – but what is required here is the provision of backbone to the songs, and that is here in bundles. Both their vocals are accomplished throughout and together they draw the listener into the stories, which improve with repeated plays.

Mostly cowritten by Sadie and Jay themselves, the material is both modern but covering traditional issues with care – particular favourites of mine being Opal Teardrop and Fanny, the latter being a biographical account of the swimming achievements of Fanny Durack. Another outstanding song is the only track not written by the duo, Jamie Clark’s brilliant Burning Moon, which describes the effects of the burning of the sugar cane following its annual harvest – but to be honest all the songs presented here are well-crafted and delivered with panache.

They return to the UK to tour in 2020, and I for one cannot wait to see them again.

Grem Devlin


This review appeared in Issue 132 of The Living Tradition magazine