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CHARLIE PIGGOTT - The Days That Are Gone 

CHARLIE PIGGOTT - The Days That Are Gone 
Private Label 

Charlie Piggott is a well-known luminary in the Irish music scene, having been a founder member of the legendary De Danann, and going on to perform with The New Road and the punningly-named Lonely Stranded Band. This release is, surprisingly, Charlie’s first solo recording, and one that has been well worth the waiting.

Whilst Charlie plays C# / D button accordion, there is a sense of keeping things in the family, as his son Rowan Piggott, and Rowan’s mother, Frances Marriott, accompany on fiddles, with Johnny ‘Ringo’ McDonagh on bodhrán and Garry O’Briain on mandocello and piano (who also recorded and mixed the CD).

The playing is clean and measured throughout, with well-disciplined playing never allowing the arrangement to get in the way of the tunes themselves. Each note is succinct, and every instrument can be heard to best advantage. This could be used as an exemplar for anyone wanting to get to grips with the button box, as there’s not one note out of place, not one ornamentation that doesn’t add to the overall quality - in short, this is a real delight to listen to.

We’re all finding ourselves inside a lot more these days, and this CD would be a perfect antidote to the long hours confined to barracks – just keep listening to this and you’ll be so delighted that you won’t notice where the time has gone. A splendid album by any reckoning, and one that reflects the musicians’ love of their craft.

Gordon Potter


This review appeared in Issue 134 of The Living Tradition magazine