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KIERAN WADE - The Gotchy 

KIERAN WADE - The Gotchy 
Private Label 

A third solo release by this seasoned Irish singer-songwriter comprises an engaging collection of mostly self-penned songs. The sole exception is The Bonnán Buí (The Yellow Bittern) which is derived from a celebrated Gaelic poem. Kieran has a nice storytelling way of constructing his songs, which draws the listener in. The title song, for example, describes a council night watchman in such a way that it is easy to construct a mental picture of the subject. Take Me Home Angelina is a catchy song about the tail end of an evening out, while Trail Of Tears From Vietnam has a more serious agenda. My personal favourite has to be the last track, Patrick Gallagher, which tells the story of a young (ten-year-old) Irish boy transported to Canada, who triumphed in the face of adversity – related to Kieran Wade by one of the subject’s descendants. To See You Once Again is another cracker of a song, which I anticipate being covered multiple times in the near future.

Mostly accompanying himself on guitar, with significant instrumental back-up from Camile Champarnaud and Kevin Wade, this is a well-produced affair. There is, incidentally, no producer identified, but I’m guessing that this self-released album is also self-produced – but it is a professional album nonetheless.

This is an artiste who I feel compelled to seek out, as I have enjoyed this CD more than most this year. It is testament to mature song writing and tight musicianship. Nice one.

Grem Devlin


This review appeared in Issue 145 of The Living Tradition magazine