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In Concert

I have a bit of a problem with this one. I put it in the CD player ready to hear it a few times and then write my normal balanced review - this worked ok, but the CD is still there. Every time I go to hear something else, there it is looking at me, until I think - well I'll just hear the track that. After, I realize that I've listened to the whole album once again. I don't really feel I want to hear anything else, I've been seduced all over again by the empathy and teamwork of the two musicians. By the way the music is always at the service of the musicians: the way they make the reels shiver and glint, the way they make the airs ache with beauty, the obvious delight which these two take in putting over some fabulous and varied material. All of this is topped by the real feeling of two superlative musicians stretching themselves and by the edge that only a great live performance can bring. And they recorded it all in one evening at one gig. Pah. For this I can easily forgive them the meager information supplied - not even the names of all the tunes As far as I am concerned, this is one of the great records of fiddle music. I suspect it will still be in my CD player for a good while yet.

Paul Burgess

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