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IAN BRUCE Hits & Pieces: The First 30 Years

IAN BRUCE Hits & Pieces: The First 30 Years
Ruglen Records LUMSCD0111

Ian Bruce, a well known name on the British folk scene, has brought out what looks like the ‘collected works’ of a folksinger. A package consisting of a double CD, a DVD and booklet which takes us through from the past to the present of Ian’s long career in folk music. The wonderful collection of songs chosen for this album shows both Ian’s fruitful cooperation with other singers and songwriters, his great renditions of traditional songs and of course a large proportion of his own material.

The Touch And The Go is a fine example of the joint efforts of Ian Bruce and Ian Walker, a bittersweet story of love lost in the values of our fast moving modern society. There are great versions of traditional and Burns’ songs such as Annie Laurie, Now Westlin’ Winds and The Bleacher Lassie Of Kelvinhaugh. Favourites among Ian’s own songs are Child On The Green, which looks at the strangeness of human nature seen from a child’s perspective, the love song Too Far From She, and Ghost Of The Chair, a comment on the death penalty.

Ian Bruce has a great many talented backing musicians on this compilation adding depth and variety to the songs. He has written some fine songs and definitely has an ear for a good tune. Can’t wait till he brings out volume two…

Pernille R. Quigg

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