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JIGFOOT - Nothing At All

JIGFOOT - Nothing At All
Melting Pot  MELTP9CD

Jigfoot are a Southampton-based dance band whose main source is southern English dance tunes, but are not averse to venturing to other parts of their land for further inspiration.  The group is made up of Nic Bradford, guitar, vocals; Ben Potton, violin; Gill Redmond, cello; Kim Sheil, melodeon; and Cath Watkins, violin, vocals.

This instrumentation gives an overall sound which is smooth and flowing, and is structured in such a way that every player can be appreciated in their own right, with no-one dominating.  This still allows plenty of scope for individuals to lead on sections, whilst letting the complete tune develop.  All the players are of a fine standard, but perhaps it’s Gill’s cello which adds that bit extra – it’s still a relatively uncommon instrument to find in traditional bands - adding an extra subtle depth to the layered effect of the music. The playing styles reflect the fact that all of the members are regularly involved in the dance scene, so they play as if they’re going to be danced to, getting the rhythms spot on, but spiced up here and there with jazz and swing influences.

To give you a break from all that dancing, there are a couple of songs as well, a fifteenth century wassail and the title track, which is a Dorset broadside ballad, both well-sung and arranged.  This is obviously a group who enjoy their music and enjoy playing together.  They have a complete understanding of their craft and this is a grand example of how it should be done.

Gordon Potter

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