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LYNNE HERAUD & PAT TURNER "Parallel" Own label MG001 CD

Offering a wide range of musical material - traditional, Victorian, own-write, thankfully this sounds like a folk record. You never know these days. Good, down-to/salt-of earth Club and Festival folk-song, these two have been successful club organisers and obviously know a good thing when they sing it. Lynne's name in particular, may be familiar from her successful partnership with Keith Kendrick, but this is her debut recording with Pat. In terms of both performance and production, there are no frills here - it's simple but never banal. Sparse but intimate.

Whilst steeped in the Folk club tradition, there are some imaginative songs and thoughtful covers in evidence. Witness their affecting reading of 'Perhaps' - a poem by Vera Brittain set to music by Lynne, lamenting the loss of Brittain's fiance, Roland Leighton on the 1915 Western Front whilst contrastingly 'English Puddings' singing the praises of those hi-cal. steamed suet desserts of yesterday is rollicking good fun!

In fact throughout it's easily digested, though classy, mainly acapella with just a touch of understated guitar and Lynne and Pat's melody lines and beautiful harmomies carry the album well. 'John Reilly' noted I think, by Robin Morton from Sarah Anne O'Neill in Ulster is an especially poignant broken token tragedy whilst all that's missing from the Edwardian drawing room soft glow and innocent charm of 'In The Gloaming' is the aspidistra.

By turns winsome, humorous, meaningful, this CD never runs out of ideas and Heraud and Turner take their listeners on an interesting route through their varied repertory. When it sounds this good, it's worth clambering aboard.


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