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PLANXTY - One Night In Bremen

PLANXTY - One Night In Bremen
Made In Germany MIG02062CD

A classic moment in history is captured on this CD recorded at Bremen University on 24th April 1979.

In 1972, Planxty bulldozed their way into the Irish traditional music scene and left an impact on the genre that is still keenly felt today. The original line-up of Liam O'Flynn, Andy Irvine, Dónal Lunny and Christy Moore brought something fresh and new to the music by way of their arrangements, unique rhythmic accompaniments and unusual instrumentation. Nobody had heard the like of it before.

The band went through several changes over the years and included Paul Brady and Johnny Moynihan amongst others, however, after several years and the pressures of relentless touring, the band split up and went their separate ways - all to very successful individual musical careers. They reformed in 1979 with the addition of flute player Matt Molloy in the line-up and went on to record the album, After The Break. This live CD was recorded by Radio Bremen shortly before that album.

The recording itself, while not technically perfect by today’s standards, has that great exciting live gig feel and includes many classic Planxty songs and tunes. The playing is tight and well rehearsed and the addition of Matt Molloy brings another dimension to the music. Christy and Andy are both in fine voice and deliver some of the classics - The Pursuit Of Farmer Michael Hayes (how does he remember all those words?), The Good Ship Kangaroo, The Rambling Siuler to name but a few - and the instrumental arrangements are just as stunning as they ever were.

Twelve tracks of pure, unadulterated, live Planxty which will appeal to those, like myself, who saw them back in the seventies and which should be compulsory listening for the younger generation of upcoming musicians to show them how it should be done.

Jim Byrne

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