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THE SPIERS FAMILY - Plenty Brass And A Bonny Lass 

THE SPIERS FAMILY - Plenty Brass And A Bonny Lass 
Millseat  MILLSEAT001

What a delightful surprise!  I have known the singing and musicianship of Tam Spiers for many years, dating back to the early days of the Aberdeen folk club, and the estimable Gaugers group. Lately he has been heard as part of Shepheard, Spiers and Watson. Now here we have him with his wife and daughter, both award winning singers, in fine combination as The Spiers Family.

As we might expect, Scottish traditional songs are to the fore in their programme, with a good mixture of the familiar and not so familiar. Titles like Johnnie Sangster, Tifty’s Annie, Wee Toon Clerk, etc, might look familiar in the track list but when sung have some lovely surprises. Greenland, perhaps more widely known as Greenland Bound is a case in point with a tune and lyrical differences that brings it up fresh as a daisy. Among the other tracks, I’m very fond of O But I’m Weary led by Maggie, with the others chorusing, lively and lovely.

Throughout the album the songs are given thoughtful treatments in which the tune and words are never overwhelmed by too rich harmonising. Tam provides backing on fiddle, and the tenor guitar, an unusual instrument (well, to me at least) which he uses in an economical and effective style. If this is their first album it’s an auspicious debut. More please.

Roy Harris

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