MAWKIN - Extended Procrastination
Good Form Records MKN001

Mawkin is a young traditional band based in England . A contemporary Celtic touch emerges here and there alongside a more conventional English sound. David Delarre (guitar), Danny Crump (bass guitar), Jamie Delarre (fiddle) and Alex Goldsmith (melodeon) are already accomplished musicians and this album, reminiscent of a pub session, is a pleasant one just to sit back to and enjoy.

The melodeon is perhaps a little intrusive in the opening track, ‘Saint Anne’s Reel/Lexy Macaskill’, but a better balance is achieved in the next, ‘Pachete/Salsonette’, in which the second contemporary tune has quite an edge. The album develops nicely through John Kirkpatrick and Johnny Cunningham tunes before the highlight track, ‘The Arran Boat/Herbert the Sherbert’, makes the biggest impact. The first tune here really did remind me of a tranquil crossing over to the island with the melodeon suggesting just a hint of potential choppiness.

I would have liked a bit more variety overall (but the album is only very short at just over 30 minutes) and the addition of a flute would give the music something extra too perhaps. However, it is an attractively well-paced album and being recorded live in a studio gives it a very authentic feel.

Andy Jurgis