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MÓRGA - For The Sake Of Auld Decency

MÓRGA - For The Sake Of Auld Decency
Private Label MORGA002

Mórga is an Irish four-piece band, fairly recently re-formed after a couple of years break. The current line-up is Danny Diamond, fiddle; Jonas Fromseier, bouzouki and banjo; Dominic Keogh, bodhrán and flute; and David Munnelly, accordion. Currently living in Dublin, Copenhagen, East Mayo and Utrecht respectively must make travel arrangements somewhat hectic, but, trust me, it is well worth it, as the resultant music is supremely fine.

The band have set out to play in a style that looks back to their traditions, stating that they aren’t trying to be innovative in the same way that others might be. That, paradoxically, is exactly what makes them sound different. Looking at the selection of tunes on this CD, you’ll notice a lot of lesser-known ones, many of which reflect the variations of those from whom the boys learnt them in the first place. The list of people that they cite as influences is extensive, but there are several from the glory days of the 1920s, such as the Flanagan Brothers.

Their playing is crisp and clean, with all of the instruments clearly heard as they combine in a sizzling, driving way that shows not just the great love and respect that the boys have for their music, but also the huge amount of playing talent that they share. The overall effect is quite stunning, as it involves the listener, drawing you into the tunes and forcing feet to tap as you get involved in the infectiousness of the playing.

This is a cracking release which just makes you want to play it again and again. Well done, Mórga!

Gordon Potter

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