Jim Carroll and Pat McKenzie

Songs and Recitation From the Jim Carroll and Pat McKenzie Collection
Around the Hills of Clare

Clare in general, is perhaps better known for its musical tradition however this production demonstrates the rich vocal heritage of West Clare in particular.

This impressive collection of field recordings from the worthy endeavors of Jim and Pat consists of no less than: forty-seven tracks; 155 mins of recording time in double CD format; fourteen singers and all this supported by a comprehensive forty page booklet. Beyond these bare statistics the content is highly eclectic encompassing the
“Irish, Anglo-Irish, and Scots-Irish repertoire of classic ballads, narrative and lyric songs”.

Here we have a comprehensive range of themes and song versions from the relatively familiar and widespread to the local, which should satisfy the most discerning. Given the quantity and quality of the material each playing reveals, as you might expect, further subtleties, insights and nuances. There is a delightful ‘Little Ball of Yarn’ from Nora Cleary and an equally familiar ‘Banks of the Nile ’ form Pat McNamara. Then the lesser known Shannon Scheme from Nonnie Lynch of Mullagh or again the fine emigrant song ‘O’Reilly to America’ sung by Michael Flannagan.

This is a worthy joint production from the famed Goilin Club of Dublin and Rod Stradling’s Musical Traditions, who demonstrate sustained commitment, energy and integrity in presenting the genuine article from a great bunch of individual voices.

Finally the royalties from this album go to the Irish Traditional Music Archive. Say no more…

Geordie McIntyre